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Crystal Tea Circle by Denver Crystals and Gems

Denver Crystals and Gems is proud to announce our first monthly Crystal Tea Circle at Denver Distillery on September 23rd from 3pm to 6pm.

Gather with us and fellow crystal lovers to celebrate the Autumn Solstice. (September -Reserve A Spot)

Teas will be served freely in tea cups carved from crystals from 3 pm to 6 pm. Following the first part of tea time will be additional options for crystal infused potions and cocktails provided by the Denver distillery.

Our desire is to create an inviting and casual space for our awesome local community members to gather and nerd out about our beloved crystals.

Our September Crystal Tea Circle Admission costs nothing! We simply ask that you follow us on social media to help support our small business.

Food will not be provided. If you feel like you might get hungry, please feel free to bring something to eat, either for yourself or to share! Illegal Pete's & Bardo Coffee House are within walking distance.

We want to see your collection!

Our September Crystal Tea Circle event will host a unique theme for the casual show-and-tell-like portion of the event, scheduled loosely to take place starting around 4 pm. For our first Circle, we ask that each person attending bring up to five of the first crystals they ever received that they still own. These can be anything! As long they were your first crystal. Crystals carry such interesting and rich stories of their own and we are here for them all!

Buy, Sell, and Trade! Encouraged!

Many of us have crystals in our collections that have long been ours but haven't felt like it for quite some time. Crystals give us what they can, and when it's time to move on, they tend to let us know. If you have pieces that are telling you it's time for them to find their next home, we have designed a space for you to bring them and buy, sell, and trade amongst one another. You never know what you might find!

Crystal Give aways and Exclusive First Pick!

Upon entry, each member will receive a free crystal mystery pouch and will be given the choice to enter an open free raffle.

As well as giveaways, we will be doing a crystal unboxing of new, exclusive stock from which members will get first-pick with an additional 15% off extended only to those in attendance!

Live Crystal Painting by Nixi the Pixi

@ nixi_the_pixi

Joining us will be an incredible long-time local guest artist. Relax with some tea or crystal infused potion and witness the fusion of magic, genuine crystals, and paint!

Thank You Denver Distillery for collaborating with us to bring crystals, tea & cocktails together!

For more information about our signature event "Crystal Tea Circle" please contact us at or visit Denver Crystals and Gems at 220 South Broadway.

To join our October Crystal Tea Circle, RSVP to reserve your spot today!

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