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Denver Crystals and Gems Exclusive Crystal Tea Circle Cocktails

Our Crystal Tea Circle is an event centered around the natural beauty of crystals. You will begin your experience with an exquisite afternoon tea session made of crystal carved tea cups. As the event unfolds, you may feel inclined to sip on tea throughout the event or you may dabble into the four exclusive beverages (featuring crystal droplets*) curated by Denver Distillery.

As the evening continues, there will be various activities to encourage experiential education opportunities with crystals. Learn all the ways you can cleanse, charge your crystals, heal with crystals, and the enchanting stories shared by various participants on their "first ever" experience with crystals.

As the evening unfolds, we invite all our participants to share their favorite memories with crystals on social media to enter our tiered raffle give away!

*All participants must sign a waiver.

For more information about our October Crystal Tea Circle at Denver Distillery, reserve your spot today.

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